Nadezda Guskova shared her slimming secret!

Nadezda Guskova shared her slimming secret!
8 October 2018

Nadezda Guskova shared her slimming secret!

Good morning friends!

Nadezda finally decided to share with us the secret of their weight loss.

“You all know that I have been professionally involved in sports for a long time, but at some point I had to give it up because of my injury. At the time of my sporting career, my height was 179 cm and my weight was 79 kg. but this situation categorically did not suit me, I began to think, and later on, to do everything so that the figure on the scales would gradually become smaller without harm to health.

For half a year following certain rules, I managed to lose 10 kg, given that there was no sport at all, due to the fact that from any physical exertion I felt bad. What contributed to this? I completely refused to sweet (including sugar was excluded from the diet). Despite the fact that from early childhood I was a terrible sweet tooth, today I do not eat cakes for about 7 years. Sometimes she allowed herself to eat a piece of bitter black chocolate. From the pampering of the body is in general something!

My diet consisted of fish, vegetables, meat - only boiled, stewed, sometimes grilled, and sometimes rice and mashed potatoes. No frying, no oil (except for quite a bit of olive), spices, flavor enhancers and other harmful impurities.

After half a year, when the figure of 69 kg rose on the scales, I just had a very busy period associated with building a career in show business. Constant traveling, organization of performances, various events, meetings with fans - it is quite difficult. Heavy regime, not a minute of free time .... I always wanted to eat and very much)) I did not follow special diets, but I didn’t have time to eat food 5 times a day, I added perhaps eating chocolate, ice cream and cookies, but in limited quantities.

Continuing to eat all kinds of meat, fish and vegetables, adding side dishes, I gradually took off another 10 kg, and plus, of course, my muscles left. Even she did not notice how they left. At some point, weighed 55-56 kg. Apparently the culprit dense working schedule. For 4 years, I was without sports and only 2 years ago I returned to active physical exertion.

Now the weight is stable at 59 kg, except that, depending on the season, a couple of kg of walks are walking, but I didn’t weigh more than 61 kg for a long time!

As a result, I can say - nutrition is more important than sports!

You can die in the halls, engage in 3 hours, but with improper diet will never achieve the desired result. A person who eats everything and does not limit himself in anything will never lose weight — it is a fact! It is not true that you can not eat after 18:00, I always ate later. The main thing is not later than 2.5 hours before bedtime. Flour, by the way, must be consumed, at least a couple of pieces of bread (small) should be present in a healthy diet. "

Be healthy! And delicious weight loss to you)).

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Photos for comparison, 2012 and 2013.