19 May 2021


Visiting the Gossip Nadezda Guskova, born in Ramenskoye (Moscow region)

She is known to the world as - Russian tennis player, two-time Russian tennis champion, master of sports, singer, correspondent.

What is your calling? What do you do? How did the path begin?

Two-time Russian tennis champion, singer, journalist. In the past, a professional tennis player, she devoted 14 years to this sport. Now I am making music, singing, the third album is next in line. In addition, I am running a family business.

What was the turning point in your life?

Two moments were turning points, the first in 2012, when my dad was killed ... those were the most terrible days, psychologically difficult ... I could not have done it alone, thanks to my family and close friends. The second, too, not an easy period was in 2012, when I had to leave the big sport, at that moment I had no idea what I would do ... after all, tennis players always find it difficult to find themselves, except for the court. But I remembered a childhood dream and decided to take a chance.

What are you most proud of?

I cannot single out one thing, because I am a person who is proud of all achievements, from victories on the court to some little things in everyday life. Thus, it also helps me to support myself in difficult times.

What are your strongest qualities?

Kindness, honesty, sincerity, patience with people (now, unfortunately, this is little appreciated). But the main thing is that I and my loved ones appreciate these qualities.

What is happening at the moment with your work / business? What are the plans?

I am working on releases, now I try myself in different musical styles, I am preparing the 3rd album, and I also plan to prepare a solo program for performances.

How do you envision a perfect day?

My ideal day, I would like to start somewhere in the Maldives, abstract from the work moments and just relax. And if about the house, then do not rush anywhere, get enough sleep, devote time for yourself and your family.

How would your friends, people who know you very well describe you?

People tell me that I am kind, to be honest, I am pleased to hear this, and also that I am very impatient, I always want everything right now! But this probably concerns more work or the embodiment of some ideas.

Do you have a personal recipe for success? Tell us about it?

When there is a desire and a goal, you will definitely achieve it. It is clear that it will not always be easy, you just need to overcome it and everything will work out, the main thing is to believe!

If there is a wish for readers, please share.

I wish you health, success, prosperity in your business!

What question would you like to answer yourself, but you never get asked?

Oh, I never thought about it.

Instagram: nadezda_guskova