Nadezda Guskova about all the pros and cons of an online search for her soul mate (WomanHit)

Nadezda Guskova about all the pros and cons of an online search for her soul mate (WomanHit)
1 May 2021

Nadezda Guskova about all the pros and cons of an online search for her soul mate


Blogger Nadezda Guskova shares her opinion about all the pros and cons of the online search for her soul mate

I'm not a fan of dating sites. More precisely, I am not against, but not for. Of course, I pushed them, registered somewhere, but literally five minutes later I deleted my account from there. I realized that looking for "my soul mate" through dating sites is definitely not my story. For some, such acquaintances are much more suitable. Even among my acquaintances, there are examples of friends who met on such platforms and now live together and happily. But I myself am still afraid of such acquaintances, although I started communication through the same “Instagram”, and these are, in fact, the same online acquaintances, but still not specialized sites. However, they also have their pros and cons.

1. Apps and dating sites definitely save time. You can meet and chat with new people online, in your free time. It is very convenient in the modern world, when people are constantly on the move: work, study, various projects. And there is not always time to personally go somewhere to get acquainted and communicate, so dating sites are a great option here.

2. On dating sites, there is usually much more choice than in everyday life. No, of course, we meet hundreds of people on the streets, but hardly any of us stare at every passer-by as a potential new acquaintance. And on a dating site, you can get to know each person in detail, and there will definitely be more of them than people with whom you might have met in a day.

3. A definite plus of all dating sites and applications is that you can set the search criteria in them that are important to you. When registering on such a site, each person fills out a questionnaire about himself: hobbies, interests, etc. He also indicates who he would like to find. Accordingly, the site processes all this and gives you profiles of only those users who are suitable for you in terms of parameters, and who, on the contrary, suits you. This is very convenient, because you immediately find people with similar interests, with whom you will most likely be interested, at least just to talk.

4. It is more convenient to prepare for a real date through online dating. For example, if you meet a person for the first time without knowing him or communicating with him before, then such a meeting can cause a lot of stress and a lot of excitement. But if you get to know each other through some site, then you have time to chat online: get to know each other better, get to know a little about each other, understand whether a personal meeting makes sense at all. Again, you can save your time if you first chat with the person through the app / site and realize that this is definitely not your option, so you will not meet in person.

One of the main disadvantages of all dating sites and apps is that you can never be 100% sure that a person's photos and other data are true. That is, you can come on a date and see something different from what you expected. Of course, now such unscrupulous accounts are mostly blocked, and there are fewer such people: no one wants to waste their time in vain by coming on a date with the wrong person. But still, not a single user is immune from this - just as from the adequacy of the person you meet. You can face this in real life, only there you immediately understand it, and here - after several days, or even months of communication. Worse, if a fraudster or a pervert is hiding behind the appearance of a "real person" - then the impression of dating sites will deteriorate for the rest of your life. There are also people who are only interested in fleeting meetings and relationships, so if you are looking for a long-term partner, make sure of the intentions of this person before meeting with him in person.