​Tennis player Nadezda Guskova told why sports should be in the life of every person, even if he is not an athlete?(Eva.ru)

​Tennis player Nadezda Guskova told why sports should be in the life of every person, even if he is not an athlete?(Eva.ru)
28 April 2021

Tennis player Nadezda Guskova told why sports should be in the life of every person, even if he is not an athlete?

If you are thinking about buying a subscription to a sports club or at least sneakers for daily walks at a fast pace, the following material is just for you! Popular blogger and professional tennis player Nadezda Guskova told what role sports play in the life of every person.

Each person has a different attitude to sports: for someone, going to the gym is a real outlet; someone is a professional athlete, and this is his job; and someone from childhood does not tolerate sports because of any traumatic memories. Everyone is connected with sports by their own personal history, but despite everything, it is important that there is sport in everyone's life.

Let's start with the fact that sports are not necessarily grueling workouts until you lose consciousness or just doing an unloved sport. Many people do not like sports in general because of this, because in childhood they were engaged in something unloved until they lost their pulse. But you need to understand that in this area there are many variations: starting from training in the gym, ending with sports dancing. You can at least go to different classes every day until you find something that will really fascinate you. If everyone likes to run in the morning, but you do not — this does not mean that sports are not your thing, perhaps morning yoga or evening swimming is more suitable for you. Trying different directions in sports, you will immediately understand by your state of health that you are closer.

The second thing that is important to understand when you think about going in for sports or not is that sports are needed not only for losing weight or gaining muscle mass, but also for simply maintaining health and vitality. Again, this does not necessarily require grueling training. Everyone can do basic exercises in the morning, it is not necessary to run and jump a lot. You can include basic exercises in it to wake up the body, start the muscles, and activate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. And make it a habit to exercise every morning, even for 10 or 20 minutes, but regularly. Then you will see the result yourself, you will be more cheerful and energetic, because sports also give a person positive emotions that you can recharge for the day in the morning!

Also, sports can serve as a great occasion to see those people with whom you do not have time to meet. Life goes very fast, now everyone has a lot of things to do, work, projects, and so on, and not always have the strength to go to some meeting. Therefore, you can find a common interest, for example, tennis classes, and once a week you can meet to play on the court. Here you will combine business with pleasure: and do sports for your health, and meet with a friend. This can also be made a tradition, and even meet to play football once a month, for example, a team of university friends.

Therefore, it is not necessary to be a professional athlete for sports to be present in your life. Just a desire is enough, and then you can try a lot of activities and sports, choose what you like and get the benefit and pleasure from it!