S4astie lyubit tishiny

S4astie lyubit tishiny
22 February 2021

S4astie luybit tishiny

The city is big, but we are always close ...

"Happiness Loves Silence" is available at all sites in the country from 15.02. I am so glad that I managed to release this track for Valentine's Day and again give you a piece of my soul.

Guys, I put all my love into this song. I know each of you will find your own response and meaning in it. Its own special feeling, and it will be directed to special people. When I imagine how many people can touch my message, I am filled with an indescribable feeling. It can be called inspiration or gratitude, happiness or surprise. This is something in between and something always on the edge.

I congratulate you on Valentine's Day, and I urge you to keep your happiness in silence along with my track