Nadezda Guskova, together with PromoDJ, is launching a remix contest.

Nadezda Guskova, together with PromoDJ, is launching a remix contest.
12 February 2021

Nadezhda Guskova, together with PromoDJ, is launching a remix contest.

Another hit by Nadezhda Guskova "You are not there" is a cry from the heart, a strong outburst of emotions and incredible energy of love. Nadya is a bright, kind and strong person: in addition to creativity in the media, she is a two-time tennis champion. “People often ask me how I do everything - but my energy is enough for sports and inspiration. Soon I plan to release 6 more tracks, ”says the singer.

"You are not," released on January 25, represents a daring start to the creative year: the singer's first track in 2021 stabs in the heart, screaming about pain and sadness caused by love. But, being the beginning, it is also the end: Nadia will not have more songs about love in a sad way. “Having put an end to this outburst of emotions, I am ready to give people the realization that love is wonderful and sing about it with great happiness in my heart,” the singer shared.

The track causes goosebumps, penetrates the listener with tension in the heart, and leaves a certain feeling with the last chord. Each has its own. Listen to "You are not here" at all venues in the country!

Nadezhda Guskova - You are not there

Deadline for accepting works: February 12 - March 28, 2021, announcement of the results: until April 15, 2021

Conditions of the competition:

  • Any person registered on PromoDJ can take part in the remix competition;
  • Only ready-made remixes are accepted in the form of full, final version and a file in mp3 / 320kbps / 44100Hz / stereo format;
  • The winners of the competition must provide a mixed and mastered file in WAV / 44100Hz / stereo / 24bit format and exclusive rights to use the remix and subsequently conclude an agreement for the further use of the track with the performer;
  • The final version of the remix should have a title: Nadezhda Guskova - You’re not here (your name is Remix) • Do not prohibit downloading the remix;
  • No more than 3 remixes are accepted from one author, any demo versions or fragments of compositions will not be considered;
  • Samples and other material used in the work must not infringe on copyright or the rights of third parties;
  • Competition materials: Orinillary acapella, all vocal versions. BPM: 121, Key: B Minor.


    1st place: 23,000 rubles

    2nd place: 10,000 rubles

    3rd place: 7,000 rubles

    All remixes of the winners will go to the PromoDJ homepage!