Russian champion in tennis bitten by dogs in Ramenskoye (Mosregtoday)

Russian champion in tennis bitten by dogs in Ramenskoye (Mosregtoday)
5 February 2020

Russian champion in tennis bitten by dogs in Ramenskoye (Mosregtoday)

Dogs attacked the singer and two-time Russian tennis champion Nadezda Guskova in Ramenskoye. The athlete received a serious injury.

“It happened on Severnoye Shosse, 15a,” the victim told the Moscow Region Today correspondent. - There is quite a calm area here, there is a forest where many residents like to walk, so the attack of two dogs at once was a complete surprise. One clung to the coat, the other to the leg. It is good that there was no repeated attack. At the hospital, they gave me tetanus and rabies injections.

According to the interlocutor, she wrote about the incident on the portal "Virtue". The reaction was not long in coming.

“The very next day, veterinary service specialists arrived, with whom we went to the site of the attack of the dogs,” Guskova continues. - One dog with a chip was caught, taken away for analysis, the second fled to the private sector, but I don’t know for sure whether these are the dogs that attacked me. Veterinarians suggested that the animals could be thrown away by the owners. I want to warn the residents of the neighborhood about the danger! If there were a child in my place, the dogs would simply break it ...

28-year-old Nadezhda Guskova is known for playing on the tennis court. She is the winner of six tournaments of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), two-time champion of Russia in singles and doubles. After completing her sports career due to injury, Nadezhda began to engage in musical creativity.

Dmitry Tarasov