Interview with two-time Russian tennis champion, master of sports Nadezda Guskova (Contraltopeople)

Interview with two-time Russian tennis champion, master of sports Nadezda Guskova (Contraltopeople)
15 November 2019


Interview with two-time Russian tennis champion, master of sports Nadezda Guskova

The conversation was conducted by Ekaterina Chekunaeva

Layout by Katerina Wendillo

An athlete, singer, journalist, ambassador of a fashion brand is all Hope. We talked about the difficult childhood in sports, victories, feelings, strong character and charity.

- Nadezda, hello. According to information from your official site: “Nadezhda Guskova is a Russian tennis player, two-time champion of Russia in tennis, master of sports, singer, correspondent and ambassador of the brand Eleonora Amosova.” How do you manage to combine such different areas? Tell us about your talents, which we don’t know yet?

Whatever I do in life, I always enjoy it, and it doesn’t matter to me what kind of area it is. Any work must be done with love, only then it will be done well.

We must not forget that with any undertakings everyone faces the first difficulties. The main thing is not to be afraid and overcome yourself, and when people begin to notice the first result, it charges even more. As for my talents or hobbies, I also do kickboxing and body ballet. I like to try new things and discover myself.

- Who brought you to the tennis court? Who was your best teacher, what was the main lesson he taught you? I really liked the room from the first minute, and I decided to try it too. My father brought me to the tennis court when I was 5.5 years old. He used to play tennis, but as an amateur. My first coach was Sergey Koscienko, we worked together for 10 years. I consider him an excellent teacher and a wonderful person, he did a lot for me and you can even say that he raised me as an athlete. Before the end of her professional career, Lina Krasnorutskaya was engaged with me, she also taught me a lot, and I am very grateful for that! 

- How did you combine hours of training and study at school? Did you have a feeling that childhood is passing by? 

It was very difficult to combine study with training. In grade 7, I had to go to externship and study at home in my spare time from training. Despite the workload, I had no problems with academic performance. Together with the teachers, we focused on the main subjects, and I passed all the school exams perfectly. As for children's entertainment and festivities, unfortunately or fortunately, I did not know what it was. When my classmates had fun, I was in the gym, I practiced all my free time. Now I don’t remember how I managed to keep up with everything, but somehow I did it! Of course, sometimes it seemed to me that my life was passing by, but I did not regret it. To some extent, I'm even glad that I had just such a childhood, not like most peers who walked then. Thanks to strict discipline and rigidity in parenting, a sense of humanity and endurance developed in me, for which I am very grateful to them.

- Do you remember the first victory on the court? 

Yes, I was 6.5 years old then, I was still very young and I don’t remember exactly what the coach told me (smiles). My dad decided to give me a surprise and flew to the finals, I remember that I was in shock and at the same time very happy, the other emotions were already forgotten.

- Have you always had such a strong character? Which tennis player would you like to meet on the court? Professional sports will temper anyone. It is impossible to succeed with a weak character. All professional athletes sacrificed something for their victories, and the more rewards, the more they invested in themselves strength and patience. Such qualities as willpower, perseverance, workaholism and punctuality appeared in me thanks to tennis. I once dreamed of meeting on the court with Serena Williams, but now I don’t think about it since I’m far from a sports career.

- Do not regret that you had to leave a sports career? Or "leave" does not work, such a charge will be in you all your life? 

You know, I used to regret it. It is very difficult for us athletes to find ourselves after leaving. When you have devoted so many years to one thing, it’s hard to imagine how you can live without it. But "time heals," as they say. I had different ideas, for example, to stay in tennis as a coach and even open my own school, but I decided to change my activities completely and try what I had long dreamed of doing music. The past is wonderful, it is sometimes pleasant to recall this, but I live in the present and enjoy every moment! - Let's talk about music. How did you get the idea to make music? I started making music as an acting tennis player. When I had an injury, I recorded songs. I have accumulated so many of them that I got a whole album that was never released (laughs)! Later we shot my first clip “Silly Love”. It wasn’t quite professional shooting, it’s probably just for ourselves, but then we uploaded the video to youtube, and, it seems to me, it turned out very good for the first time. I thought for a long time whether to leave my business for the show or not, and yet life turned out so that the childhood dream came true, and I became a singer.

- Do you have any special song for you, a special one? Favorite musician who has been with you since childhood?

I always liked Britney Spears, I also want to mention Beyonce, but Britney was and will remain her favorite. 

- The feeling of victory on the court and the feeling of love of fans are the same? 

I had fans, both in sports and on stage. I think love is the same. - Is your last song, “Getting sick”, autobiographical? Each of my songs is dedicated to a certain period of my life, “Getting sick with you” is no exception. I like to express my feelings and emotions through songs, so probably they are almost all about love. 

- You are an ambassador of a fashion brand. Why did you choose Eleonora Amosova? 

We met Eleanora at the show. Over the years, I came to her as a VIP guest, we took pictures a lot, but never really talked. Once I shot the cover of one of my songs, "Beware, this is love." The idea of shooting was already agreed, and we needed leather products for the image, then I immediately thought about Eleanora, and from that moment we became very friends. To date, we have 2 joint collaborations, a lot of photo shoots, and I even tried myself as a model at her shows.

- What do you prefer to wear in everyday life? 

In everyday life, I like comfortable clothes that make me comfortable and cozy, such as leather leggings, dresses or jeans. At events, I bother more. I think over the images for a long time, and sometimes I turn to stylists or designers.

- How important is fashion in the life of a modern person? What would you change in the fashion industry if you could? 

Fashion, of course, is important to me. Especially when you consider what area I am in. It is necessary to monitor trends, but maintain your own taste and style. Sometimes, what is in trend may simply not be suitable, and a person will look ridiculous, so you should not go about fashion. 

- Nadezda, you are also a television journalist. Did not think to become a TV presenter? 

If so, what program would you like to lead? What are you most interested in talking about, what modern topics do you care about? Yes, I’m also a certified journalist recently. On the Internet there is a video of my first interview with volleyball player Alexander Markin. In principle, I like this area and how it works out for me, but I am sure that it is necessary to devote more time to it than I can, so now I am not doing it very seriously. Perhaps in the future I will make my program about the stars of show business. I’ll call her, for example: “Talk to the Star” and I will ask various tricky questions (laughs). 

- How important, in your opinion, is the topic of charity? How do you realize yourself in this area? What are the main challenges today?

I try to do charity whenever possible. Sometimes I participate in special events, speak or help financially. One thing only upsets me - now there are a lot of scammers, so I have to carefully check everything and sometimes even doubt about any funds or requests for help. But I still love to help and I advise everyone.