Nadezda Guskova: “The Apple Orchard is my favorite place in Konkovo”

Nadezda Guskova: “The Apple Orchard is my favorite place in Konkovo”
4 September 2019

Nadezda Guskova: “The Apple Orchard is my favorite place in Konkovo”

“After the Apple orchard has been improved, I don’t want to leave here,” says tennis player and singer Nadezda Guskova.

Multiple Russian tennis champion, master of sports Nadezhda Guskova admits: she bought an apartment in Konkova thanks to her first love and passion for music, which has grown into a profession - today the public knows tennis player on hits “Papa”, “Time”, “Somewhere There” , "Beware, this is love," etc.

Olga Shablinskaya, AiF: Nadia, is it really that the location of the music teacher really influenced the choice of apartment?

Nadezhda Guskova: Absolutely. Now I don’t need to go to the classroom for the best teacher in the world from the Moscow Region, who lives in Konkovo.

For a very long time I was looking for a vocal teacher, went around many schools, was interested in fellow musicians, until I was advised by Raisa Vladimirovna. She teaches using new techniques that I have not heard about before. Throughout the time that we practice, I saw and see my growth, we do not stand still - this is the most important thing. I always consult with my teacher when creating new material, we became real friends. I have never met such talented people.

But when buying an apartment in Konkovo, I was also driven by other emotions. I constantly drove along the way to classes on the street. The union where the guy lived is my first love. At 16, it was in Konkovo that we had the first kiss. I was so nervous at that time that I even fainted from surging feelings and surprise. Perhaps this also played a role in buying an apartment.

It seems to me that information is stored forever in our brains. And objects, places, smells, music evoke some kind of associations in us - pleasant or unpleasant ... In my case, there are good memories. Although at one time it seemed to me that I would die of love. I dedicated one of my favorite songs to that young man from Konkova. It is called "Beware, this is love." I wanted to throw out everything that was happening in my heart and free myself from these crazy feelings. And I also wanted to show those girls who also suffer that they are not alone and this pain is not forever. I hope my song helped someone.

- Well, if we ignore sentiment, there probably were rational reasons for choosing an apartment here?

- I chose the area, including due to territorial considerations. Having settled in Konkovo, I finally began to keep up with everything, and not spend half a day on the road. I had time not only for work, but also for myself. Recently, I started doing stretching exercises and began taking individual lessons at a club on ul.Profsouznaya.

- By the way, what place does sport occupy in your life today?

- Tennis is still present in my daily schedule, I do not consider it an exercise, it is already part of my life. I also became interested in boxing and body ballet. I also run in the park near the house. For now, this is enough for me. By the way, Konkovo for running is just a godsend. There are so many beautiful parks nearby! With my favorite dogs - the Maltese lapdogs Jimmy and Archie - I walk in the local Apple Garden on the street. Academician Artsimovich. There they improved the territory for pet walking, and they decorated it very funny: at the entrance on top there are two wooden dogs sitting on chains, holding a sausage with the inscription: "A platform for walking dogs." It turned out that there were a lot of dog lovers in Konkovo, whom I got to know very quickly. Almost a dog club was formed in our garden. Now, if I'm leaving for a tour, I can ask someone from my neighbors to sit with my pets. And then they leave me their dogs. And my lapdogs made a lot of friends.

Sportswoman with her beloved Maltese lapdogs Jimmy and Archie in Konkova park.

Sportswoman with her beloved Maltese lapdogs Jimmy and Archie in Konkova park. Photo: AiF / Igor Kharitonov

Personally, I have a favorite place in the Apple orchard - Trinity Pond, for walking there they made a special wooden flooring in the center. As I read, this reservoir was previously part of the cascading ponds of the 17th century Tolochanovs estate. In addition, nearby is the temple of the Trinity Life-Giving in Konkovo. So the place is truly with its history, atmosphere, it pacifies, inspires. It is in the garden on the street. Academician Artsimovich, by the way, was born my last song, "Get you sick." I love to sing about love, I think this is a great feeling. Everything around becomes bright, sunny and inspires new achievements. The apple orchard on Artsimovich is some kind of unrealistic atmospheric place, it seems to me that there are no such places anywhere else! After reconstruction and cleaning of ponds with natural springs, I don’t want to leave here at all. A chic sports ground for active games, beautiful flower beds, gazebos, benches, a playground with ropes, which, in my opinion, was chosen by all of Konkov’s children. Looking at all this beauty, it’s even hard to imagine that some time ago this territory was abandoned.

“Trinity Pond is my favorite place. He has his own story, atmosphere. ”

“Trinity Pond is my favorite place. He has his own story, atmosphere. ” Photo: AiF / Igor Kharitonov

- Yes, beautification took place there under the My Area program. The capital is undergoing tremendous changes ...

- Oh yeah! I remember, some 5 years ago everything was completely different. Now every yard is landscaped, comfortable for the elderly, and young, and children. I am also very pleased that people with disabilities have no difficulties with movement. A lot of all kinds of institutions and parks were opened, where there are ramps. This makes Moscow the world capital in every sense of the word. Our city has also become cleaner, we started sorting garbage and protecting nature, this is also a huge plus. And, as a former professional athlete, I cannot but note that the Moscow Government began to instill in youth a healthy lifestyle. I like numerous marathons, competitions and other activities. They make children better, and most importantly, they grow up healthy! I went in for sports from the age of 5, and immediately professionally. Tennis was opened for me by my dad, who brought me to one of his training sessions. My first cup was at a children's tournament in Cyprus, I was only 6.5 years old. The most difficult thing was to train for 8-10 hours every day. Due to the injury I had to leave tennis, but professional sport taught me discipline and determination.

Photo: AiF / Igor Kharitonov

- By the way, would you like to open your own tennis school and educate children?

- Yes, they offer it to me. And I plan to open a school in Konkovo. For now, I will refrain from details so as not to jinx it. Sport taught me one important rule: you won only when the medal is in your hands.