Nadezda Guskova. I do not regret anything

Nadezda Guskova. I do not regret anything
9 July 2019

Nadezda Guskova. I do not regret anything

Nadezda Guskova - Russian tennis player, two-time Russian tennis champion, master of sports. After completing her sports career, the girl actively took up music and became a singer, and she is also an ambassador for the brand ELEONORA AMOSOVA. In an interview, Nadezda spoke about her sporting and musical achievements, about the difficulties that can be encountered while playing tennis, and also shared her creative plans.

- Nadezda, tell me, have you been interested in sports since childhood? What influenced the choice of sport?

- Yes, since five and a half years. And it turned out that I immediately began to practice professionally. Tennis opened for me my dad, he played for fun, just for himself. It all started with the fact that he led me to one of his workouts and asked if I wanted to play tennis. I answered yes. That's how it all started (smiles).

- Tell us a little about the difficulties of this sport. What was the most difficult for you?

- It was difficult to train for 8-10 hours every day, plus study. I had no free time at all. Maybe this is the best of course. But, like all children, I wanted to meet friends or just watch TV sometimes. It can be said that I didn’t have any special childhood. But I have no regrets, at that moment I really wanted to. I am grateful to my parents. They taught me discipline and to achieve what I want no matter what.

- Have there been moments in your career when you wanted to quit and abandon your goals? How to deal with this?

- Yes, there were two turning points. The first one happened when I was 12. I wanted to quit everything and told my parents: “I am everything,” and they simply answered: “ok!”. By evening, I already begged to return to training again. The second moment after the death of the pope. I could not come to myself for a long time. Yes, I played, but every time I wanted to lose as quickly as possible and go somewhere far away. My family and some friends who supported us helped me out of depression. Thanks to them, I was able to pull myself together and continued to pursue my goal.

- Remember your first sports victory. What was she like?

- The first sports victory was in Cyprus when I was only 6 and a half years old (smiles). I remember it was some kind of children's tournament, my first cup. I don't remember the sensations anymore, one thing I can say is that I was exactly happy (laughs)!

- Tell me, what advice would you give to parents who want to give or have already given their children to tennis?

- If parents do not understand tennis, then fully trust the coach! He knows exactly what to do. And if they themselves play and understand what it is, then do not go too far. This applies only to those who want to practice professionally.

- Now you are actively engaged in a musical career. Music, too, loved since childhood, or later realized that it was yours?

- In childhood, we sometimes arranged concerts for parents, and I never would have thought that I would sing professionally! This desire was always with me, and fate gave me a chance to realize another of his dreams!

- Tell us a little about your album "Our hearts", which came out recently. How long have you worked on it?

- To be honest, I did not plan to release a second album (smiles). I quietly recorded new tracks and we released singles, even shot a good clip. And then we realized that there was already enough material and the album was recorded very quickly, in less than a year. We planned the presentation for a joint project with designer Eleonora Amosova.

- Unfortunately, because of the injury you were forced to leave the big sport. Tell me, is there a place for sports in your life now?

- I do not regret leaving. So it should have happened, right? (Smiles) I keep practicing sports. Because of the tight schedule, I get it 2-3 times a week. I am already engaged in tennis less often. Now I have a little carried away by boxing and body ballet.

- Would you like to open, for example, a Tennis School and train children? Perhaps you already had such ideas and dreams?

- I was offered all this and still offer it. But I do not want to at least now. Maybe something will change and I change my mind in the future.

- You are also an ambassador for the brand ELEONORA AMOSOVA. Tell us a little about it, how did it happen?

- I was often invited to her shows as a VIP guest. I really love her collections and as a person she always seemed very pleasant to me. Over time, we got to know each other better, began to see each other at social events. And when we were engaged in creating the cover for the single “Carefully, this is love”, we had the idea to hold a photo session in leather clothes. Only one designer came to my mind, and it was Eleanor! Since that time, we became friends, made two collaborations - one in the Barvikha concert hall, the second already at the Fashion Week in Moscow.

- Share your upcoming creative plans.

- Now I am preparing for concerts, a new photo shoot, and we will soon be recording a new song. Also, I plan to go to cook courses. I love to cook, I think that I’m not bad at it. Friends love to visit me at least! I think maybe try this direction yourself. Who knows what else I'll think of!

Nadezda, we thank you for the interview and wish that all your creative plans and dreams come true.