Nadezda Guskova about her life and work exclusively for BIMRU.

Nadezda Guskova about her life and work exclusively for BIMRU.
25 June 2019

Nadezda Guskova about her life and work exclusively for BIMRU.

Nadezda Guskova is a two-time Russian tennis champion and also a singer. Editorial BIMRU managed to find out what he is the ideal man for the actress, and also, the athlete told about the dream vacation and advised everyone to move more.

Question: Tell me, how did it happen that a successful athlete suddenly decides to completely change her activity and start everything from scratch? What was it like?

Answer: Since childhood I wanted to sing and presented myself as a singer many times, performed at family events and could not even think that someday my mother would see me on the stage of the Kremlin State Palace! How after such not to dream? (Smiles) Tennis will always remain in my heart, life was arranged in such a way that I had to leave the sportswoman's career, but I occasionally continue to play as an amateur, it helps to relieve stress. I always liked to try something new, I recently completed a course in journalism, I run a family business and I can say with confidence that I will not stop there! Movement - life!

Question: How do you manage everything? Tell me how your everyday life goes.

Answer: My day goes something like this: I woke up, had breakfast, walked with a dog, went to work, then went to a rehearsal, then I had a vocal lesson, in the evening I was going to some kind of social event and I’ve twice a week yourself to the sport.

Q: What are your feelings after the release of the new album? Everything went as you planned? Are you already touring with new songs? Answer: Excellent! We presented the album at Fashion Week in Moscow and I can say, I tried myself for the first time as a model. Feeling super! The guests really enjoyed the show, many warm words were said to me and the designer. I was happy. We did 3 remixes with Max Vishnevsky & Fomin Remix. I heard my tracks absolutely in a new format, my listeners also really liked it, it became the highlight of the album. As for the tour, now we are preparing for urban events, Luzhniki and the city of Zhukovsky are next in line.

Question: When should we wait for a new clip?

Answer: While there is a new song in line, I think I will show it to you this summer. As for the clip, I'm not exactly sure yet what exactly I want, as soon as a cool idea appears, we will definitely shoot the clip!

Question: Do you communicate with your fans? Do you respond to private messages on social networks?

Answer: I try to answer whenever possible, but only to adequate questions! You understand that very often men write and ask to send inappropriate photos ... Also, I do not respond to requests to advertise someone’s dubious business, I don’t want my audience to remain deceived by scammers.

Question: From instagram, we learned that you have a dog, Jimmy. How long has he been with you? And who does he stay with until you are home?

Answer: I try to spend the night at home (Laughs). But when I still have to linger somewhere or during vacations and tours, I leave it with my mother or sister, we live nearby. When I can - I take him with me, of course, he calmly carries the road and is already used to the restless mistress.

Question: What about the family? Not planning?

Answer: For a family you need to decide on a companion for life. I, unfortunately, have not met him yet, but I hope I have everything ahead!

Question: What is your ideal man? Can you list the parameters?

Answer: I used to dream of a tall blond with blue eyes! But now I understood that it was not at all in appearance. For me the main thing is that he has the desire to do something, a sense of humor and that I feel like behind a stone wall, and of course my head is on my shoulders. Unfortunately, we have a problem with real men, and the worst thing is that most behave like women.

Question: Tell us about an unforgettable vacation and about a dream vacation where you would like to go.

Answer: I love to travel, every trip is unforgettable for me in my own way. For example, I think the last visit to Paris will be remembered to me for a long time, we hit the very center of strikes on the ecology and movement of yellow vests on the Elysian Fields! At first I was scared, especially the “vests”, I’m basically afraid of places of mass congestion, but here all these people were so excited and shouted so hard, the police tried to disperse them. After, the strike on ecology turned out to be soft and even positive! The strikers were not at all aggressive, had fun, sang songs and danced. It was very atmospheric! As for a dream vacation, like any girl, I would really like to go on a romantic trip with my soul mate to the Maldives, simply because for me it’s like a page from a good fairy tale about love.