Nadezhda Guskova - Favorite Means for My Dog's Care!

Nadezhda Guskova - Favorite Means for My Dog's Care!
29 April 2019

Nadezhda Guskova - Favorite Means for My Dog's Care!

When Dzimmik came to us, we were already aware of the peculiarities of the breed - the Maltese.

I heard that many owners, for example, are faced with leaking eyes and allergies to chicken. Therefore, we decided to immediately prepare, chose food, ordered vitamins, specialized shampoos, and so on. Jimmy just tried and told us what he liked or not the other way around.

Regarding feeding, we stopped at the stern without the content of chicken and corn starch, according to protein parameters and the composition as a whole, we really liked “Acana”, so we decided to dwell on it.

I am of the opinion that treats for dogs are more harmful than useful, especially for allergies, so we try not to buy them.

We mainly use toys and edible bones for cleaning our teeth, but again, I make sure that the bone is quite hard and is eaten as slowly as possible, and sometimes I throw it away when it softens.

While Jimmy was a puppy, he didn’t nibble out of his shoes and spoil the furniture, I think, because we always had enough toys and he had something to do at home, even when he was alone.

One day, I somehow came home late in the evening and found him chewing on his own diapers, since we buy those that stick to the floor, we have tiles, so they sit tight.

Probably the most terrible thing he can do is bring me slippers. For example, if I am busy or cooking, and he asks for attention - slippers are in progress, but he never nibbled them! I am a happy hostess, I can afford to leave expensive shoes and not worry that she will be spoiled.

As for the care and shampoos, we love to go to the groomer, but when there is no time at all we can swim at home.

We have very soft shampoos and balms, also intended for allergy sufferers with white wool, I will not highlight specialized brands, there are a lot of them now, we like different ones. We are going for a walk only after prophylactic treatment from ticks and fleas, as soon as the first snow begins to fall, I buy special pills and in another couple of weeks I put him on a Foresto collar, which is odorless and protects for the whole season.

The collar has small reflectors for the dark time of the day and it looks very neat even on a small dog.

I try to walk more with him, despite the fact that he can go to the diaper. Fresh air and active recreation benefits both of us!