Nadezhda Guskova visited three events in one day

Nadezhda Guskova visited three events in one day
5 December 2018

Nadezhda Guskova loves to do good things, so speaking at charity events and concerts for her has always been a very reverent and important event! This time she managed to visit as many as 3 events on December 3rd, the magical three!

I sang my favorite songs “Gte-to tam and “Ostorozhno, eto lyubov” at the Festival for people with disabilities and their family members # City of Goodness in the DK Uspenskoe and in the Odintsovo Center of Aesthetic Education. For Hope it was a great happiness and honor to speak in front of the kids and their parents! They charged her with their energy, and I she tried to give them her love through her music.

And also, Nadia visited the gala evening “MPV Russie”, where they played lots with other athletes, such as Ekaterina Bobrova, Yana Grigoryan, Uliana Donskova, Elena Ilinykh, Vitaly Diatchenko, Yevgeny Aldonin, and many others - they gave their support and opportunity Hope children in hospital and difficult situations. All fundraising funds help to realize the sporting dreams of their wards.

Do good, it will return to you a double reward!