Ostorozhno, etc lyubov

Ostorozhno, etc lyubov
30 October 2018


For many years I had these feelings and experiences in me. The unfinished story did not give me rest. When we started working on this song, I was crawling. It became difficult to breathe: I was reliving those emotions as if everything had happened yesterday! And when I sang it for the first time, I understood - this song is about me! All that was in our relationship, fit in three minutes of composition. There is nothing more to tell - everything is said in them ...

Many thanks to all who participated in the recording! Together - we are force!

The author of the text - Alice Osenina

The author of music - Taras Panenko

Hotel thanks - to Konstantin Kostomarov, Raisa Safaryan.

We worked on the cover as much as on the song. I would also like to thank my beloved Eleonora Amosova for this crazy outfit, you felt the same way when you created this collection!

Photo - Grigory Sobchenko

Make up / hair - Elena Chuvyleva