Nadezda Guskova - Russian tennis player, two-time champion of Russia on tennis, master of sports, the singer. Despite his young age, Hope was able to achieve a lot with dignity passed cooked fate obstacles. The combination of the amazing qualities of character, strong sporting spirit and gentle feminine charm, girl only buoyed to victory.

Nadezda Guskova was born January 10, 1992. A role model from a young age to become a little Nadia's parents, who all his free time devoted daughter. From an early age it was clear that the child grows curious, stubborn and persistent, to the extent of "tomboy", the soul of any company, and not a holiday in the family did not do without Hope "solo performances." It was decided to develop and try all the possibilities for Hope. At 5 years old Hope first came to the court at the same time gave the girl to engage in musical instrument and singing, as a humanitarian direction. The dream was one in Hope, to become talented as mom and dad in strong.

Time for long long in coming, the first success in the sport became apparent immediately, winning the tournament only encouraged to go further, to be better. At 16, the young athlete finished high school and enrolled as an external student in Sports Institute MGAFK. 2008 for the girls became meaningful in the tournament of the International Tennis Federation ITF «Prince Cup» among juniors in Miami (USA), she won a single tournament and reached the final of the pair. In August 2010, in St. Petersburg Guskova first becomes the winner of "adult" tournament of the International Tennis Federation singles titles in the same year won the tournament of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), Havana (Cuba). In 2010 Nadezda Guskova become double champion in singles. After such a high-profile victories in one of the tournaments successfully reached the finals already two-time champion, receives a serious hand injury forced to stop the fight and in the future a great sport. Hope does not give up, do not panic, because the girl had been taught since childhood to be a strong and purposeful, the decision was made quickly. The time has come to carry out yet another dream, he decided to dedicate his future life musical creativity, as passion for music was throughout his sports career.