Nadezda Guskova - was a professional Russian tennis player (active years 2006-2012, highest ranking 301 in singles and 249 in doubles), two-time Russian champion (singles and doubles, 2010) master of sports, a singer, and a philanthropist amongst other things, correspondent and ambassador of the brand Eleonora Amosova. Nadezda has achieved a lot in her young life and was able to navigate through different obstacles in life. Her top qualities: resilience, strong character, sportsmanship, while staying feminine, all played a pivotal role in her previous victories and successes.

Nadezda Guskova was born on January 10, 1992. Her parents devoted all of their spare time to her and are her role models. From early childhood, Nadezda was curious, stubborn and persistent. A “tomboy” who could transform a family holiday into something magical with her solo performances. Because of her diverse interests,her parents decided to develop Nadezda’s different abilities in order to give her the best possible chance in life. At the age of 5, Nadezda first tried herself in tennis, music and liberal arts, simultaneously. Nadezda’s dream was to be more like her parents, strong and talented.

Her early successes, like winning different tennis tournaments, instilled believe in herself and pushed Nadezda to go even further. At the age of 16, Nadezda graduated from high school as an external student and was enrolled into Sports Institute MGAFK (Moscow, Russia). In 2008 Nadezda won International Tennis Federation (ITF) “Prince Cup” junior league tournament in singles and reached the final in doubles competition, which took place in Miami (USA). In August of 2010, Guskova won her first professional ITF singles title in St. Petersburg (Russia), which was followed by another win in Havana (Cuba). In the same year, Nadezda Guskova becomes two-time Russian champion in singles and doubles.

After winning so many matches, everything was pointing to a very long and successful career in the sport. Unfortunately, after reaching the finals in one of the tournaments, Nadezda sustained a serious injury to her hand, which forced her to retire from the match and the sport all together afterwards. Instead of falling into despair, Nadezda decides to pursue another dream of hers- Music.

Nadezda finds time to be active on several social media accounts, TelegramOK.RUVK.COM, and Дзен

She is also involved with a few charities MPVRussieMPVRussie